Latest News and Updates


Sending text messages with our secret santa generator has been disabled because the carriers are now blocking most of our text messages. We may reenable in the future.


We're in the process of making Boogspace mobile friendly. Phase 1 was completed today.


Fix problem with passwords of greater than 20 characters.


Fixed photo uploading problem that only allowed images less than 200kb. Maximum photo file size is now 15MB.


Added print wish list feature.


Our Secret Santa Generator can now send SMS text message to 10-digit cell phone numbers.


We have a new server! Everything should be faster now and more emails should be delivered without going into the spam folder.


Tutorial added.


You can now update your clothing sizes, favorite colors, stores, etc. Just click on My Favorites under Settings after you login. Also, group administrators can change the group name, which was previously disabled.


Less than 2 months until Christmas. We've made some changes to our site. Check it out and let us know what you think!


We've removed the archiving feature for wish lists. Wish lists are now rolling, which means that they are continuous, and you won't have to select a year to see an old wish list


We've added a new feature to Boogspace. You can now import an old list into our Secret Santa Generator, so that you don't have to rewrite names and emails.


Secret Santa Generator email issues should be resolved now. If your group members did not get their picks, then please email us or resend your lists.


You can now send messages to your Secret Santa from Boogspace. Just go to the Send Anonymous Email section and select "My Secret Santas" from the dropdown menu.


We've added a new tool for our Secret Santa Generator. You can now fix emails and resend picks through this new tool.


The new website is live.


Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Years everyone!


Had some problems with photo uploading last night. The problem has been fixed. Photo quality changed to 140 pixels (px) versus 70px.


Our Secret Santa Generator now supports sending picks through text messaging. Just pick names normally, and when you enter an SMS email address, the pick SMS will be reduced to less than 160 characters.


We've made a few updates to Boogspace.


Gearing up for the upcoming Christmas season!


Groups can now disable the home page photos. Just go the Admin Options section and turn "photos" off.



Here's a tutorial on using our Free Secret Santa Name Generator: Secret Santa Name Generator Tutorial


Christmas is only a few months away! Time to get those wish lists up!


Vote for Boogspace on


We've added an application to have participant picks resent. Please click here to access the new tool.


We had a problem with the Secret Santa Master List from approximately 11pm EST on 11/30 til 9pm on 12/1. If you are a group administrator and you received another user's pick instead of the Master List, then please click here to access the tool to resend the master list.


We had some problems with the Secret Santa Generator timing out on 11/30. If you used the generator yesterday, then please double check with each participant to see if they received their email. If not, please redo the pick. We've increased the script timeout to 10 minutes, so that should help.


The new Boogspace Blog is up. Check it out. Feel free to post comments.


Users can now edit & delete their own messages in the private group message boards.


Message Board notifications have been reset to "yes". You can disable them in your My Profile section if you do not want new posted messages to be sent to your email account.


10,000 gifts have been added to wish lists across Boogspace groups!


Users can now create multiple wish lists to separate their gifts for different groups. Just go to My Profile | My Groups to create a new wish list.


Added profile pictures to choose from. You can now select from 16 different profile pictures, just in case you don't feel like uploading your own.


Message board notifications have been turned off for all users. To reenable, go to My Account and select Yes.


You can now close your account automatically by going to the My Account section and clicking on Close My Account.


RSS feed added for group wishlists. Now you can view all new gifts added via your favorite RSS reader!


Boogspace will be undergoing some upgrades over the next few weeks. All changes will be listed here.

First names are used under the images instead of usernames. You can change your first name under the My Account section.


Follow Boogspace on twitter and facebook!


Boogspace will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks, which will make the user experience much better!


Gift ideas added to group home page. See what other Boogspace users are adding to their wishlists in real time!


Boogspace Blog added to the main page.


Had some issues with the register button from approximately 1AM EDT to 9AM EDT on November 28, 2008. The problem has been resolved.


Fixed image upload problem for bigger sized files.


Frequently Asked Questions updated.


Secret Santa Random Name Generator added to the site! You can use this FREE tool to automatically pick names for your secret santa group.


You can now invite your friends to join Boogspace! Click on "My Account", then "Invite Friends"!


Boogspace forum created! Please remember that your forum information is separate from your Boogspace information.


You can now disable your wishlist for certain groups. Just go to the "My Account" section, then click on "My Groups". This will be good for birthday groups or groups where there is only one person receiving the gifts.

2/25/2008 redesign completed! Check out the new looks of and let us know what you think!


Multi-group function now working. To join another group, go to the "My Account" section, then enter a new group name. Wishlists will be displayed across all groups that you are a part of.


Secret Santa automatic name picking is working now. Just click on "My Account", then "pick names".


Anonymous messages are now working.


Private message boards added to each group.

11/8/2004 launched!