We've been using boogspace for several years now! A fun way to get your family what they really want!

-- Donna


Our family has been doing "Secret Santa" for a few years now and it becomes an issue with making sure one person doesn't get matched with another, but not giving everyone the same person as the year before. This year, the duty fell on me to match names. Luckily, I found your Secret Santa Name Generator. I can't tell you how much this tool helped me. It saved me so much time and it was so easy! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

-- Michelle


I just wanted to let you know that my family thoroughly enjoyed using boogspace this year. It's a new website for us and we've tried others before but this one is the best one yet. We will definitely continue to use it next year.

-- Uyen


Boogspace is a major hit with the family.

-- Jenny


Oh thank you so much - you really are the best! I have thoroughly enjoyed using your Secret Santa picker (I'm the administrator for the game this year at work), and the other features of the site as well. Everyone here is having great fun with it all. Thanks for such a neat tool!

-- Sheryl


You guys are awesome for having EXACTLY what I needed for the gift exchange with my boyfriend's family, but couldn't program myself. Being able to exclude people from eachother was the best part, because we thought we were going to have to have someone else pick names to keep significant others from drawing each other. The fact that it is free and no one had to register for anything... well, seriously, you guys are awesome. Thank you!

-- Erin


Just wanted to let you know that I think this website is the coolest thing since sliced bread....!! Thank you for doing this for people, it is mighty kind of you.

-- via email


i just wanted to express how happy i am with using your website for secret santa this year! 9 of my friends had organised it really last minute and are unable to see each other to draw out of a hat, and i stumbled on your website and it was perfect! i like how everything is in secret (even for me, i kept looking away at the screen to make sure i never saw the list but you did a good job hiding of that). what makes your site all the more better is that a friend messaged me saying she never got her email. i panicked thinking crap! im gona have to do it all over again or peak to see who hasnt got one etc etc but nope, that was easily fixable by changing the email in the master list. just a quick email to say thank you very much, your website is very helpful and quite awesome!

-- M.


Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Thank you for making pollyanna distribution easier

-- Shannon T.


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